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Assured Home Healthcare LLC is a national provider of home care and staffing services with over 5 years of experience and dedication to enhancing quality of life for others.

We are proud of our compassionate home care program designed to help people stay at home and healthier longer.

Our Profile

Assured is a home care organization licensed by the common wealth of Virginia. We specialize in Adult Care, Neonatal, Infant and Pediatric Care services. We do our best to reduce the rate of hospitalization and traveling to health facilities by delivering above standard health care services in the comfort of your home.

We recognize the growing need for care in these fast-paced and stressful times and our response is a dependable home care agency staffed with dedicated and compassionate caregivers.

Our Mission and Vision

Our agency’s mission is to meet the needs of the community by providing quality, professional, paraprofessional and cost-effective home health care. We give patient education services to our clients in the comfort of their homes by assisting them to achieve the highest level of independence and/or an enhanced quality of life.

Our priority is to provide state-of-the-art and compassionate in-home care from highly-trained medical professionals and aides. To make good on this promise, proper training is paramount. Not only do we hire the most experienced personnel, but we provide them with in-depth disease-specific training so that they can deliver specialized care to our clients.

At Assured, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to live a healthy, active and fulfilling life. This ethos is at the heart of everything we do.

We provide everyone we support with the opportunity to continue to live life to the full. We actively encourage Service Users to become more self-reliant, to make decisions for themselves, and ultimately, to move on to more independent living arrangements.

We facilitate and support our Service Users to pursue meaningful and personalised lifestyles. We provide individually planned education & leisure opportunities to support each individual in their ongoing development.

Our Care Team

Our home health care management team is highly experienced in delivering exceptional care and support for clients – regardless of age or specific medical needs.

Assured employs highly qualified RNs, LPNs and CNAs. All nurses are required to have a current license to practice nursing in the state of Virginia and be CPR certified by the American Heart Association or the American Red Cross. In addition to licensure, all nurses are required to master a multitude of competencies and be assessed and approved by our Director of Nursing.

These skills and competencies are re-evaluated on a regular basis, including supervisor visits, evaluations, and annual exams. Drug screens and nationwide background checks are also mandatory for all applicants.

Just as we care for our clients, we go above and beyond for our nurses! Our nurses are the glue that holds our organization together therefore they are provided competitive salaries. As a company, we recognize that happy nurses equal happy clients.

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